web development
for your business

How can I help?


Having worked at Amazon I bring with me the collective experience of a global ecommerce giant. I can help you build your first online store or improve your existing one, and increase your sales with industry best practices.

Tech Startups

I have launched several startups and now have a battle-tested set of tools and strategies to help you get your idea off the ground. I can help you build your MVP, and scale it to as many users as you'll ever need.


Big ideas in mind? I can help you get there and there is no obligation until we agree on a plan. I can help you build your online presence and get your personal brand out there in the best way possible.

The Process

1. Intro

"Usually I like to have an initial phone call to say hello, talk about who I am and what it is you need to get done for this project. After which, we can start outlining the requirements of the project and determine what our goals are."

2. Plan

"After some preliminary research, I'll present a timeline that we can go through together, agree on a budget and get started. We'll also discuss what our communication and feedback loop will look like, so that the details don't get lost in translation."

3. Develop

"Once we have a clear idea of what we want to achieve, I will start working on a first version. Depending on the complexity of the project this step may require some back and forth."

4. Deliver

"Delivery means we are at the finish line of the project. Any work beyond this point will usually be limited to rounds of revision. The number of revisions will depend on each project, but I will always guarantee at least one round."

The tools I use

These are the languages and frameworks I prefer to work with and the ones I reach for when building new projects. Despite working with many web technologies, these remain my favourites.